They chose to go to the moon because it is hard, and Scott Millican is one of the engineers who helped them get there. He trained Apollo astronauts for their flight to the Moon and was present in Mission Control, guiding the astronauts through their moonwalks as well as the entire mission.

Join us for a conversation of Dutch ESA Astronaut André Kuipers with Scott Millican, the man who helped create many  of the procedures, training exercises and plain tricks Astronauts still use to this day. They will compare notes from their vast experience of the ins and outs of space travel, spanning decades from the beginnings of human space flight to the state of things today.

Be inspired by their stories of the nuts and bolts of human space flight that help realise our dreams and visions for humanities future in space.

Learn more about Scott and André in the speaker section and follow the session via the livestream.

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Image credit: HE Space

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