Noordwijk, NL, ESA ESTEC
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Hats off to Scott Millican!

“My hat’s off to Scott Millican and everybody else that had anything to do with any of our checklists. We didn’t find any mistakes in the checklist. The checklists with respect to the Command Module and the LM were excellent.” Those are the words of Apollo 12 Commander Pete Conrad, said during a post-mission briefing. […]

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TEDxESA speakers

TEDxESA: where science took us beyond fiction

What a wonderful event it was – a huge thank you to all who were a part of TEDxESA, in person and online. The event would not have been a success without you. We had a full house with 300 people in the audience and more than 9000 watching the livestream around the world. At […]

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Samantha's 200th day in space

Samantha Cristoforetti to share her 200 days in Space

Many things have been written about ESA Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti and her extraordinary 200-day mission to the International Space Station ISS. But nothing beats seeing her in person, on stage, right in front of you (or via the livestream). So we are happy to announce that Samantha will join us at TEDxESA on November 11th, […]

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Watch TEDxESA 2015 live from ESA ESTEC

What are you up to next Wednesday, 11 November 2015, between 17:00 and 21:30 CET? Forget about your fav on-demand platforms and linear TV for once and tune in to the TEDxESA 2015 livestream featuring our amazing speakers and their inspiring stories.  Grab the player’s embed code and put it in your blog, tweet about it, […]

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Graham Plowman provides epic TEDxESA soundtrack

Dublin based composer ‪Graham Plowman will provide his piece Beyond the Stars as theme music for TEDxESA, portraying #ScienceBeyondFiction – we believe it couldn’t be a better fit. Graham has been composing music for media since 2010, and in that time he has been working on films, audio books, games, trailers, and recently finished his first […]

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Space Science Sound System – with Peter Kirn

Rosetta’s singing comet, wailing leonids, the sounds of Saturn’s moon Titan: since ESA and NASA opened their audio archives to the public we know that we can actually listen to original sounds of space. But what Berlin-based electronic musician and media artist Peter Kirn will prepare for TEDxESA will be even better. He will be using […]

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We are sold out for the first TEDxESA at ESTEC!

TEDxESA is now sold out. Thank you so much for your interest and great applications. We look forward to welcoming you at ESA ESTEC on Wednesday 11 November 2015. For those who have not been lucky enough to attend this year: we have created a waiting list in case of any cancellations. Of course nobody […]

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Meet the next space generation – Introducing Kanika Anand

Space exploration and the technology that gets us there is exciting to people of all ages. But what inspires the next generation of explorers and engineers to go beyond fascination and actually start a career in space industry? Kanika Anand is a student who has decided that she wants to be among those who take […]

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Last chance to join TEDxESA

30 days to go until TEDxESA – this is your last chance to join this unique event at the European Space agency. TEDxESA registration is now open for one more week! We are excited to have completed most of our audience, what an amazing group of people! Space fans, entrepreneurs, scientists, futurists, trendsetters, students, astronauts […]

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